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Music Release News 

Martin Trotman, one of UK’s most exciting keyboardist prepares to showcase his debut instrumental funk, R&B, and smooth jazz album 

“Let’s begin” this summer. Release date: July 17th 2020. Martin’s music delivers strong melodies and well-crafted arrangements packed with groove, vibrant funk lead piano, horns, slow jams and delicate supportive vocals with sprinkles of gospel harmonisation. 


Ahead of this album, Martin Trotman introduces himself with his “Summertime Summertime” single released June 26th 2020. This cool and sophisticated head-nodding production has a soulful, feel-good vibe, with suave lead keyboard work and catchy vocal lines to remind us of sweet summer days and nights. 


For many years Martin has supported emerging artists; managing portfolios and nurturing fresh talent, and has toured with many established artists both UK-based and internationally. With this album, Martin steps out of the shadows into the limelight providing us with an exquisitely well-crafted body of music. 

Musical development 

Martin’s interest in music began at the tender age of 7, after his parents rescued a piano about to be discarded for refuge. Martin would often play and experiment, developing a keen musical ear for the piano. Recognising Martin’s interest, his parents quickly found a tutor at a local community centre. This was short lived after his tutor felt the piano was not for him and suggested he should not continue. However this disappointing yet temporary set back only fuelled Martin’s determination to pursue his new found love for music. With a little self taught knowledge he began to play at a local church. Later, he was offered tuition from a close friend where he learnt the basic rudiments of music. He was also recommended to listen to gospel artists such as Andraé Crouch, The Clark Sisters, Danny Bell and many more. After a period of time Martin was introduced to a classical and jazz pianist, Chris Bolton. Chris agreed to tutor him, who helped to expand his musical vocabulary and technical proficiency. During this time Martin began listening to recordings of instrumental artists such as Grover Washington Jr, Bob James, David Sanborn, Najee and many more, falling in love with contemporary Jazz music.


Throughout his teens Martin developed focus, a deeper awareness and seriousness for his music. With increasing opportunities to play in church and local gospel community concerts Martin quickly established himself; performing on the gospel circuit throughout the West Midlands, playing alongside musicians beyond his years. He went on to study music at Josiah Mason College, Highgate. It was there that Martin teamed up with other musicians and began to write and perform his own music. On one occasion he found himself covering for absent vocalists at a concert. Martin reluctantly stepped in, realising at that moment he had a voice. From then on, Martin made a conscious decision to incorporate his vocals at every opportunity. During this same period Martin was presented with his first profession paid gig, supporting gospel artist Maxine Brooks, who many years later went on to win Songs of Praise Choir of the Year 2016.

Music Education

Martin had aspirations to study music at university. However, life took a different direction and after leaving home in his teens, those aspirations were put on hold.  Martin began work in finance, married and started a family. After working in finance for over a decade Martin’s aspirations for studying music had not left him. He was encouraged to return to full-time education, auditioning at the Birmingham Conservatoire where he was offered a place to study composition and piano. In 2001 he graduated with Bachelor of Music Degree with Honours. Before leaving university Martin insisted on arranging a live public recital performance to showcase his compositions on the university campus Adrian Boult Hall.  This was well received and planted the seed for one day producing a contemporary jazz, instrumental album. 

Session work and beyond

After leaving university armed with his extensive musical education Martin went on to teach at various institutions including South Birmingham College, Birmingham Music Academy and Hampstead Hall Academy. Martin managed to negotiate a day to continue his writing and session work with the view of moving into full-time session work which he did in 2010. One evening after performing with his Jazz Quartet at the Bearwood Corks Club, Martin announced his new career and has never looked back. Since embarking on his musical career Martin has undoubtedly established himself as a successful session musician, writer, producer and performer. Martin has worked tirelessly as a keyboardist working within the pop industry touring UK theatres and festivals. Martin was presented with opportunities to support more established artists and later went on to produce and record for them. In addition, Martin began co-writing library music for EMI records, and has been approached by an independent label to create arrangements for emerging artists, managing their portfolios and nurturing fresh new talent. 


However, despite these opportunities, Martin’s one goal, to produce his own album, still alluded him. Regardless of this he continued to write and perform his own music, and showcasing it at various venues including Jazziness Commuter Jazz, Symphony Hall Lounge, Jam House, Pizza Express, The Mostly Jazz festival and supporting artists such as Snarky Puppy and Chic in 2014. In 2015/16 Martin set to work on recording his debut album “Let’s Begin”. With no label behind him Martin took on additional work playing in restaurants and hotels to help fund his project. In 2017 Martin was approach by executive producer Steve Basset, commissioning him to write and produce for an eclectic album. Once again his album took a back seat. However, Martin’s musicianship illuminated the Nine Beats Collective Album released 2018, produced by Tony Bean for (Plankton records) receiving international acclaim. “Serenity”, Martin’s commissioned piece, fuses jazz, soul and gospel with glorious arrangements and vocals.  Martin is now Musical Director for international performances for Nine Beats Collective, with performances in Los Angeles, North Carolina, UK with a European tour set for 2021.      


Martin picks up his album again in 2019 with a new drive and determination to complete for 2020. Despite the Covid 19 lockdown, Martin used this time to deliver this long awaited album, which showcases Martin at his very best.“Let’s Begin” is Due for release July 17th 2020 on his own independent label “Trots Music”. Already receiving local and international attention from radio networks, Martin is focused on letting the world know his music is here and is here to stay.

Performed and recorded with.... 

Martin has had the pleasure to have collaborated with some of the most exciting jazz, funk and pop talent, including; multi-award winning saxophonist Soweto Kinch, Mobo Award winning writer and producer Tony Bean for 5AM records, Australian Voice finalist Fatai, Caleb Quaye (guitarist and producer for Elton John), Mostly Jazz Festival supporting artist for Snarky Puppy, Nile Rodgers. Peter Andre, UK 80’ Dive Jackie Graham, Heatwave.


Martin has also worked with, Florida broadcaster Dimitri K, BBC Radio WM, BBC MOtD arrangement, Heatwave, Peter Andre, Nine Beats Collective, Plankton Records, Impatient Records, “Britain’s Got Talent” finalist saxophonist Julian Smith, submitted library recording to EMI Records. performed at UK Greenbelt Festival and US Wild Goose Festival. 


Martin continues to work with his local community, administrating his roll as mentor and Music Director for the Church of England, St Johns, Ladywood, Birmingham. In addition, Martin proudly continues to develop adult community choirs throughout the West Midlands, originally initiated by the NHS Trust with the aim of supporting those who have suffered or recovering from mental health issues. These non-profit organisations now serve over 150 members each week. For this work, Martin received a recognition award in 2019 from West Midlands Combined Authority.

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